International Schools

International Schools & Education Services

We arrange inspections of suitable establishments which includes a chance to meet with the school registrar or principal. We follow up on all applications, even after the family has returned home to ensure the process has been followed correctly.

Once a preferred establishment has been selected we can coordinate the application process and liaise with the client covering all aspects of the registration process to completion. School transportation can also be arranged.

Important points for consideration are:

  • A child’s previous educational background.
  • Where they will be attending school after India.
  • International students who are in India for a limited period will most likely need to study a similar curriculum to that of their country of origin.
  • High school or secondary school students will need to consider the requirements of the universities they intend to apply for and the record of the school has in achieving university entrance worldwide for past pupils.

All relevant information on schools, colleges and nurseries, are provided along with help to register applications for individual children and liaise with selected establishments for available places.

Primary Schools

There are a number of Primary Education facilities such as a Nursery schools, Kindergarten, and first grade which starts at around age 6. Most International schools also have a Primary School option. There are also a number of Montessori schools available in Mumbai.

International Schools

The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) is the most commonly used educational curriculum among international schools. It is widely recognized in American and European universities where IB is accepted as the equivalent of a secondary or high school diploma. College credits may be offered for courses taken in the IB program. The British, French and German Curriculums are also available in Mumbai

The Main International schools in Mumbai include: